Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head
Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head
Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head

Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head

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A Purified Shower system.  The benefit and clean purified water and your Favorite Music, Podcast, or even make a phone call!

Plays your favorite tunes and makes sure you’ll never miss an important call!

with 88 Powerful, purifying sprays that drench your body and rejuvenate your skin and hair.  Your lungs will breathe a sigh of relief as your ears delight to your favorite tunes, all with the comfort of knowing you can take that call, even in the shower…Lather-Up!…The day is already feeling great.

The first shower filter to combine the removal of chlorine and other harmful chemicals from your “morning ritual” with advanced Bluetooth® technology, letting you stream your favorite music from your wireless device.  And, when the RainSong is paired to your smart phone, it allows you to take any incoming call.

With the touch of button you’ll stream your favorite audio through the shower head or take an important call while your phone stays safe & dry.  When the call ends you’re bluetooth-shower-head automatically switches back to your music, news, talk or whatever your streaming choice may be… you can even pause, fast-forward or backward to another song and raise or lower the volume…all while you enjoy the benefits of a healthy, purified shower with the RainSong™, delivering 3x the water pressure of conventional shower heads.

Not Limited To Your Bathroom!

With a simple twist the Bluetooth® speaker easily detaches from the shower head and can be used externally anywhere you go. It has a range of up to 33 feet from any Bluetooth® device, such as an IPod, IPad, IPhone, Droid, MP3 Player, Tablet or Computer to continue enjoying powerfully amplified audio.

The RainSong™ Shower Filter has an optional 9” Extension Arm.  This Stainless Steel Extension Arm easily adjusts to virtually all heights and angles to insure the most satisfying experience regardless of your height or the size of your shower area. This heavy-duty extension arm is lined with inner teeth that provide a sure grip, guaranteed to lock in place and not sag after adjusting to the desired height and angle.

Filtration Benefits and Features:
  • Revitalizes the hair and skin
  • Protects the lungs and tissues
  • Removes <98% chlorine and harmful vapors
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfide, rust water, odors, traces of heavy metals
  • Helps pH balance the water
  • Reduces scale build-up on tiles and glass
  • Prevents bacterial growth, fungus and mold inside the filter
  • Patented NSF® tested high performance filtration media:  copper-zinc, chlorgon™ (mineral salts) and tourmaline
  • Replaceable 1 year cartridge for optimum performance
  • Easy installation – no tools necessary
Showerhead with Detachable, Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker

Benefits and Features:
  • Enjoy your favorite tunes while you shower
  • Touch-to-Speak Icons to answer calls, play songs, control volume, pause, fast forward and backward
  • Syncs with any Bluetooth® enabled devices up to 33 feet
  • High-fidelity waterproof, speaker delivers up to 10 hours performance before recharge is needed
  • Includes lithium-Ion battery and USB charger
  • Detachable speaker snaps in and out: allows you to take music to another room after showering
  • Outstanding RF amplifier performance
  • Dual microphone with enhanced noise reduction
  • Pickup technology for background noise cancellation
  • Includes latest audio algorithms for best call and music quality
  • 88 angled jet nozzles deliver powerful, full coverage sprays
  • Easy-to-install, no tools necessary
  • Optional:  9” Stainless Steel Extension Arm (ASEA )