Car Dent Ding Repair Tools 12V Hot Glue Gun - Amazing gizmos
Car Dent Ding Repair Tools 12V Hot Glue Gun - Amazing gizmos
Car Dent Ding Repair Tools 12V Hot Glue Gun - Amazing gizmos

Car Dent Ding Repair Tools 12V Hot Glue Gun

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◆Easy to operate, directly reply dents for you quickly.
◆No-bake paint dent repair, does not damage the original paint, saves money quickly and is environmentally friendly.
◆Three different sizes of traction spacer strips, suitable for dents of various sizes.
◆Suitable for car surface sheet metal, refrigerator, washing machine surface sheet metal.
◆Suitable for all kinds of flat metal concave places.

Car dent repair operation steps:
1. Clean the dented part with a clean damp cloth;
2. Load the hot melt glue stick from the back of the hot melt glue gun, pull the trigger, let the glue stick enter the glue gun, plug in the power supply, and let the glue gun preheat for 5 minutes;
3. Find a suitable traction pad (large dents need to use a large traction pad; (Note: the larger the traction pad, the greater the traction force);
4. Pull the trigger of the glue gun and fill the selected traction gasket with the extruded glue (the 4 holes of the gasket should also be filled with hot melt glue)
5. Quickly place the traction gasket covered with hot melt adhesive on the center of the dent, and press gently until the hot melt adhesive is solidified; (Let the hot melt adhesive dry for about 8 minutes; we recommend not to let the heat The glue drying time should not exceed 10 minutes)
6. Align the hole in the middle of the traction tension bridge with the firmly glued traction washer rod, put the screw rotation button sleeve on the traction washer rod, and slowly tighten it until the dent is pulled to be flush with the surrounding surface. .
7. For some dents, it may be necessary to repeat the above steps several times to repair the dents.
8. If the surface to be repaired is raised a little, please follow the steps below: Rub the raised point back and forth with your thumb until the raised point is as flat as other surfaces; if the raised point cannot be made flat with your thumb, tap Tap the stick (pen-holding position) lightly on the raised point until the raised point is flat again. Sometimes, it may need to be repeated several times. (Note: When using the percussion stick, do not use too much force)
9. After the dent is repaired, unscrew the screw rotation knob, remove the traction tension bridge, and then remove the traction gasket. If there is hot melt adhesive on the surface of the car body, let your hand gently tear it off.

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