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Powerbuilt Automotive Vacuum & Pressure Testing and Bleed Kit

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This handy tool is a mechanic's best friend. With one tool you can check the integrity of vacuum-operated automotive components, bleed air from hydraulic systems and siphon fluids.

Thanks to a simply ingenious design, it creates both pressure and vacuum. The built-in gauge ensures accurate results too. Comes complete with a selection of fittings, hose and a fluid reservoir.

Any specialty tool will help make an automotive repair or maintenance task easier, but Powerbuilt automotive installer tools take the concept of help a big step further.

Inside the storage case, every component has its own nook for easy visual identification and selection. Every individual part has a name or part number, making it easy to order replacement parts using the included parts and service phone number.

Inside the case lid you ll find how to instructions and photos that show step-by-step usage instructions and photos.

Product Features:

  • Kit creates both pressure and vacuum.
  • Kit includes an integrated vacuum/pressure gauge and a special vacuum/pressure release mechanism.
  • This kit also includes an assortment of adapters, a roll of plastic line, and 2 hydraulic fluid reservoirs.
  • Storage case includes laminated Instruction Sheets with Photos showing the tool in use.
  • All Instructions developed by a professional repair manual writter.

  • Weight: 4.9 lbs